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A Story of the American Dream      


Having just moved to Atlanta, Georgia to start their new life, the Najhawan's found themselves in a scary yet exciting situation. A clean slate. “Where to go from here? What should we do?” the family asked.       

Kamal (also known as “Allen”), the father, always had a passion for art. Back in India, he would ride his bike for many, many , miles just for one tube of paint. Because that was all he could afford, he would create monochromatic paintings. He drew upon this love for painting and decided to found U.S. Art Frames in 1997 with his wife. Together, they became one of the largest publishers of African American art in the South East. In 2002, U.S. Art became one of the few framing companies in the United States to have their own picture frame moulding plant, maximizing customizability of their product. They created multiple best selling picture frames that today adorns the homes and offices of thousands of customers across the United States.       

And best of all, they did it as a family. As first generation immigrants, the Najhawan family became a first hand example of the American Dream. Today, Kamal now owns a rainbow of paint tubes.