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Glossary of Art Terms
Welcome to USBlackart.Com Glossary of common Art Terms. Here we hope to give you a brief definition of various art terms which might be unfamiliar to you. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please e-mail us.
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Nail Art:: - The art of decorating human nails with different colors, also a form of design where nails are driven into asubtrate and colored strings are twined around the nails to form designs. Return to top
naive art or naïve art: - The style of naive painting is characterized by a careful, simplifying approach, non-scientific perspective, bright colors, and often, an enchantingly literal depiction of imaginary scenes. Return to top
Native American Art: - Art work depicting works where the subject matter is mostly that of American Indians. Return to top

Namban :- In Japanese art, a picture of foreigners. Return to top
Narrative Art: - Art which represents, elements of a story. Return to top
Negative Space: - Empty space in an artwork, a void. The area of an artwork, that is NOT the primary subject or object. Negative Space defines the subject by implication. Return to top
Neo-Plasticism: - Also called De Stijl. An art movement advocating pure abstraction and simplicity-- form reduced to the rectangle, and color to the primary colors, along with black and white. Return to top
Neutral :- A color not associated with a hue. Neutral colors include blacks, whites, grays and browns. A hue can be neutralized by adding some of its complement to it. Return to top
Numbered:- A numbered print is designed to show the limit or size of a print Edition. The number is generally placed over the size of the edition. For example 11/ 500, indicates that the print is number eleven out of an edition of 500. Lower numbers used to mean a sharper image, but with modern printing, the last print should be as sharp as the first "off the press". Return to top
Nude: - An unclothed live model, or a work of art representing a person without clothing Return to top

Nude Art::- A work of art depicting a unclothed person, generally women.
Negative Space: -The areas of an artwork that are NOT the primary subject or object. Negative Space defines the subject by implication. Return to top
Non-staining colors:- Pigments that can be lifted cleanly (wet or re-wet) with little or no discoloration of the underlying paper fibers. Return to top
Notan:- A Japanese art/compositional term meaning "Dark-Light". It's the interplay of dark and light, positive and negative, and the implications of all opposites balancing harmoniously as one, in creating art.
See: Negative Space, Positive Space, Gestalt. Return to top
Naïve art:- art created by untrained artists. It is characterized by simplicity and a lack of the elements or qualities found in the art of formally trained artists. Return to top
Negative space:- the unoccupied or empty space left after the postive shapes have been laid down by the artist; however, because these areas have boundaries, they also function as shapes in the total design. Return to top

Neutral color:- colors of very low saturation, approaching grays. Return to top