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Glossary of Art Terms
Welcome to USBlackart.Com Glossary of common Art Terms. Here we hope to give you a brief definition of various art terms which might be unfamiliar to you. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please e-mail us.
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Halftone: The reproduction of a continuous tone original, such as a photograph, in which detail and tone value are represented by a series of evenly spaced dots of varying size and shape. Return to top

Harmony: the unity of all the visual elements of a composition achieved by the repetition of the same characteristics or those which are similar in nature. Return to top

Hatching:- A technique of modeling, indicating tone and suggesting light and shade in drawing or tempera panting, using closely set parallel line Return to top

Highlight: A point of intense brightness, such as the reflection in an eye. Return to top
Horizon line: in a painting, a level line where land or water ends and the sky begins. Vanishing points, where two parallel lines appear to converge, are typically located on this line. A horizon line is used to attain the perspective of depth. Return to top
Horizontal balance: the components that are balanced left and right of a central axis Return to top
Hot Pressed: Hot pressed (HP) watercolor paper is pressed for an extremely smooth work surface. Excellent for use with mixed ink and watercolor techniques Return to top
Hard-Edge: - Refers to a twentieth century movement in painting in which the edges of shapes are crisp and precise rather than blurred. Example of a painting made in this manner: Return to top

Harmonious Colors - Colors that look good together because they are complementary colors, analogous colors, or otherwise related. Return to top
Harmony - A principle of design, it refers to a way of combining elements of art to accent their similarities and bind the picture parts into a whole. It is often achieved through the use of repetition and simplicity Return to top
Hashira-E: - In Japanese art tradition, a narrow vertical print to be hung. Also see hoso-e, kakemono, and kakemono-e. Return to top

Heighten - In drawing and painting, to raise the value of areas with white or a pale color in order to complete the rendition of forms. Together, with its opposite shading, is an important aspect of chiaroscuro. Return to top
Hiding - The hiding power of a pigment refers to its opacity-- its capacity to cover colors beneath it in order to obscure them completely. Return to top
Highlight - The area on any surface which reflects the most light. Also to direct attention or to emphasize, through use of color. Return to top

Hue:-The perceived color of an Object, identified by a common name such as red, orange, blue. Return to top

Hue: The color of a pigment or object. Not relating to tone or value. Return to top
Hygroscopic:-Absorbing or attracting moisture from the air. Return to top