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Glossary of Art Terms
Welcome to USBlackart.Com Glossary of common Art Terms. Here we hope to give you a brief definition of various art terms which might be unfamiliar to you. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please e-mail us.
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Gallery: a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited. Return to top
Genre: A category of artistic work marked by a particular specified form, technique, or content. Return to top
Genre painting:- The depiction of common, everyday life in art, as opposed to religious or portrait painting. A kind of a painting, depicting scenes from everyday life. Return to top

Gesso :-A white ground material for preparing rigid supports for painting. Made with a mixture of chalk, white pigment, and glue. Same name applied to acrylic bound chalk and pigment used on flexible supports as well as rigid. Return to top
Gestalt: Gestalt theory states that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Creating effective designs depends on creating and balancing gestalt. Originally a therapeutic psychological theory (ink blots) artist's have adopted the concept for creating more balanced and dynamic art. Return to top

Gicleé:-. A Gicleé (zee-clay) is a coined art term. It is a French word which means to spit or spray. Gicleé reproductions are actually produced with a high quality ink jet process. Edition prints made with high resolution ink jet printers using pigmented inks and archival, artist-grade papers. Lightfast ratings close to original paintings. Return to top. Return to top
Glaze:-A very thin, transparent colored paint applied over a previously painted surface to alter the appearance and color of the surface, a thin layer of translucent acrylic or oil paint applied to all or part of a painting, to modify the tone or color underneath. Glazing is the process of using this technique. Return to top
Glazed Wash: Any transparent wash of color lay over a dry, previously painted area. Commonly used to adjust color, value, and intensity of the underlying painting. Return to top

GIF: acronym for "Graphic Interchange Format", an image format type generated specifically for computer use. Its resolution is usually very low (72 dpi, or that of your computer screen), making it undesirable for printing purposes. Return to top
Gild the lily: a phrase meaning to add unnecessary ornamentation to something already beautiful. Return to top
Gilding: the application of a gold finish. It can be achieved by applying gold leaf, or by using metallic powders. Return to top
Gold leaf: an extremely thin tissue of gold used for gilding Return to top
Gothic Art: - Gothic art was a Medieval art movement that lasted about 300 years. It began in France out of the Romanesque period in the mid-12th century, concurrent with Gothic architecture found in Cathedrals. By the late 14th century, it had evolved towards a more secular and natural style known as International Gothic, which continued until the late 15th century, where it evolved into Renaissance art. The primary Gothic art mediums were sculpture, panel painting, stained glass, fresco and illuminated manuscript. Return to top
Gouache: 1) Watercolor painting technique using white and opaque colors. 2) A water-based paint, much like transparent watercolor but made in opaque form. Return to top
Greek Art: - Greek art, works of art produced in the Aegean basin, a center of artistic activity from very early times. This article covers the art of ancient Greece from its beginnings through the Hellenistic period. Return to top

Grissaille :-A monochromatic painting, usually in gray, which can be used under colored glazes. Return to top

Grissaille :-A monochromatic painting, usually in gray, which can be used under colored glazes. Return to top
Graded Wash: -A Wash that smoothly changes in value, from dark to light. Mostly in landscape painting, for open sky work, but an essential skill for watercolor painting in general. Return to top
Graffiti Art: - Graffiti is the application of media on publicly viewable surfaces. It is defined as being "a drawing or writing scratched on a wall or other surface; a scribbling on an ancient wall, as those at Pompeii and Rome". When done without the property owner's consent, graffiti is a form of vandalism and is punishable by law in most countries. Other than simply showing off the artist's name and artwork, graffiti has been employed for other purposes as well. It has been used in the past to spread social and political messages, and as a form of advertising. It is also considered a modern art form, and can be seen in galleries around the world. Return to top
Grain: The basic structure of the surface of paper, as in fine, medium and rough grain.
Graphite: A type of carbon used for pencils, transfer sheets and as a dry lubricant. Synthetic graphite is made from carborundum. Return to top

Grisaille: The technique of painting a highly-modeled, black and white monochromatic base painting and then glazing it with transparent colors. Monochrome painting generally employing shades of grey executed in a black pigment and an inert white pigment in oil, gouache or tempera; a stained glass window incorporating muted tones as opposed to bright colors Return to top
Graphic art: two-dimensional art forms such as drawing, engraving, etching and illustration in their various forms. Return to top
Graphic design: the applied art of arranging image and text to communicate a message. It may be applied in any media, such as print, digital media, motion pictures, animation, product decoration, packaging, and signs. Graphic design as a practice can be traced back to the origin of the written word, but only in the late 19th century did it become identified as a separate entity. Return to top

Graphic Art: - the arts of drawing or painting or printmaking, more commonly the term is used for a person designs artwork with the use of computers.

Graphite: a soft, black, lustrous mineral made of carbon used in lead pencils, paints, crucibles, and as a lubricant. Return to top
Grayscale: refers to the range of gray tones between black and white. Return to top
Grid: refers to a series of crossed lines that meet to form a boxed pattern used in the predetermined placement of photographs and graphic elements on a page. A series of nonprinting horizontal and vertical rules assist in creating and maintaining a grid for page layout (see illustration). Return to top

Grid enlarging: the process of using a grid to enlarge an image; for copying very precisely, another image, on the same or a different scale, usually larger; used in scaling an image by drawing. Return to top
Ground: - A Coating material, usually white, applied to a support to make it ready for painting. Return to top

Gum:-A plant substance that is soluble in water. Return to top
Gum Arabic ;-A gum, extracted fro Acacia trees, used in solution as a medium for watercolor paints. Return to top
Gum Arabic: Gum arabic is produced from the sap of the African acacia tree and is available in crystalline form or an already prepared solution. It binds watercolor pigments when used with water and glycerin or honey. Return to top