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Glossary of Art Terms
Welcome to USBlackart.Com Glossary of common Art Terms. Here we hope to give you a brief definition of various art terms which might be unfamiliar to you. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please e-mail us.
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Easel: A stand or resting place for working on or displaying a painting. A simple easel can be a tripod with a cross bar for the painting to sit on. Return to top
Ebony Pencil: A drawing pencil that features a thick core of graphite formulated to be very black and smooth. Capable of a wide tonal range,, with rich darks. Used for sketching and drawing. Return to top
Ecorche :- A figure painted to show the muscles of the body without skin. Return to top
Edition.:- Number of prints made from an original. This number generally does not include any artist proofs or any special editions. Return to top
Egyptian Art: - The art which flourished under the Pharaohs from c.3000 BC until the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great (332 BC). Largely funerary in character, it reflected a rigidly conservative society and religion, and style remained static. Tombs were decorated with wall paintings and reliefs, and contained portrait statues of the dead, together with household utensils, including fine work in metal, ivory, terracotta, etc for use in the next world. Human figures were invariably painted with profile head, single large front-view eye, frontal shoulders, and side-view legs. Statues such as the sphinxes similarly combined profile and front view in a way reflecting the shape of the original block. Mummy-cases were often richly decorated. Return to top

Elevation :- A geometric projection of a building on a plane perpendicular to the horizon; a vertical projection. A head-on-view of an external or internal wall, showing its features and often other elements that would be visible beyond or before the wall. Return to top
Emulsion :-A liquid in which small droplets of one liquid are immiscible in, but thoroughly and evenly dispersed throughout, a second liquid. Return to top
Encaustic ;- A painting technique in whcih pigement is mixed with wax and applied to the surface while hot. Literally, to burn in. A painting technique in which the binder is melted wax. Encaustic paints a blend of oil paint and beeswax and must be heated for use. Return to top

Engraving ;- The process of incising a design in hard material, often a metal plate. Return to top
Erotic Art :- subject to or marked by strong sexual desire. arousing or satisfying sexual desire: an erotic dance. Of , pertaining to, or treating of sexual love; amatory: an art work depicting such images Return to top
Etching:- A kind of engraving in which the design is incised in a layer of wax or varnish on a metal plate. The design is then immersed in a bath of acid solution.The parts of the plate left exposed are then etched by the acid. Return to top